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  • TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) had released The Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations, 2018 (TCCCPR) on 19th July 2018.
  • We at ZOOMTRAX TECHNOLOGIES are taking various measures to offer regulatory compliant solutions in line with TRAI vision to create a cleaner and more transparent system.
  • With this communication, we want to inform you about the multiple phases for implementing the above Regulation which mandated the use of Blockchain technology also known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT Platform) to implement the solution.
  • Operators have already implemented the DLT system. The first phase of the regulation focused on registering all Entity/Enterprise on the new platform. ZOOMTRAX TECHNOLOGIES is already registered as Telemarketer on the operator's DLT platform and we need you to proactively engage in this and register as Principle Entity (Enterprise) to comply with the new regulation.
  • Click to Download - TRAI New Regulation (TCCCPR)
  • For Enterprise registration, request you to first start registration with Vilpower DLT One Time Registration Fees is INR 3500/- and get a unique Entity Id from Vilpower (This might take around 72 working hours to get approved) which should be used with Vilpower operator.
  • Please note while registering select ZOOMTRAX TECHNOLOGIES Telemarketer ID which is available on DLT as ZOOMTRAX TECHNOLOGIES - 1102390610000017080 (Unique Registration ID).
  • In case if you have done registration with any other Telemarketer on the operator platform already then you just need to select ZOOMTRAX TECHNOLOGIES Telemarketer ID as ZOOMTRAX TECHNOLOGIES - 1102390610000017080 as well.


Telecom operators will charge 0.025 INR per message as a DLT service fees


Recently, the TRAI announced that it is ready with its blockchain-based DLT platform to overcome fraud and SMS spam and every entity/ business needs to registers with the TRAI DLT Platform.

The latest notification we are getting from Telecom operators about DLT service fees. The fee for DLT services would be 0.025 INR per message submitted to the platform. Telecom operators would charge DLT service fees from 1st September 2020 onwards.

To overcome fraud and SMS spam TRAI Create a regulation framework, Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations, henceforth referred to as the TCCCPR.

We at ZOOMTRAX TECHNOLOGIES deeply value our business association and would hence take you through the process of complying with the regulations specified by the TCCCPR in a disciplined manner.

The TCCCPR is a significant step towards regulating unsolicited commercial communication. The new regulatory framework has devolved control and regulatory powers to access providers. The Regulations will take effect in a phased manner over a period of days, starting with access providers being made responsible for registering all entities making commercial communications and ensuring their compliance with the TCCCPR Regulations.

ZOOMTRAX TECHNOLOGIES seeks your support in onboarding the Enterprises and ensuring that all the messages are scrubbed as directed by the Regulator,
Calculating SMS Balance in respect of price hike
Please be informed that SMS prices on all routes are likely to be increased by 1st September 2020 as all the service operator providers together decided to hike the pricing. In this regard, we request you to please consume all the available credits at the earliest. Once the new price is effective the remaining credits will be charged (or) accounted for the new price.

Let's consider the below scenario to check/apply the new pricing with existing SMS credits:

Description SMS Total (A) Per SMS Price Rs. (B) Amount (A*B)
Customer Purchased 1,00,000 0.18 INR 18,000
Customer's Today SMS Count 90,000 0.18 INR16,200

Conversion of the above SMS Count :

Description Amount (A) Per SMS Price Rs. (B) SMS Total (A/B)
Total Balance Amount INR16,200 0.18 90,000
SMS Conversion INR16,200 0.205 79,024


Zoomtrax Technologies Team

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